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      Some learning ways of primary level students are:


  • >  Show an interest in what  children are doing and learning by talking about school.
  • > Play rhyming games, letter games, and shape and number games with children, and practise taking turns in games and activities.
  • > Use simple language, and play with words and word meanings – for example, you could clap out the syllables of words or play word association games.
  • > Keep reading even when she can read for herself.
  • > Let children hear and see lots of new words in books, on TV or in general conversation, and talk about what the words mean.
  • > Make sure children  has time for free, unstructured play.
  • > Help children discover what he’s good at by encouraging him to try lots of different activities.


  • Abacus
  • Computer
  • English Grammar
  • English Reader
  • GK / Oral
  • Health Education
  • Maths
  • Nepali
  • Science
  • Social Studies


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