Message from Principal

Message from Principal

Dear parents,

 Thank you for trusting this Montessori school and offering your children to us. We strive to sow the seeds that will eventually blossom into intellectual citizens of tomorrow. 

B.K.G.M. School is the pioneer Montessori school in Itahari.  Realizing the needs of pre- school education in our city, we had started the 1st Montessori school in Itahari in 2064 B.S. We aim to provide children with a warm and happy moment, a favourable environment for the natural development of children emotionally, socially, and intellectually. 

It is important to allow the children freedom to adjust and adapt with their environment, and to support their physical and mental development. We have managed a well equipped Montessori lab, a computer lab, a library corner, child friendly play instruments, and dance and music classes. They help to make conducive school environment that motivate the students to explore their ideas and feelings. This leads to constructive learning habit. 

Polite and considerate behavior of teachers and members of staff, we realize, makes students in our school are very happy. We provide extensive care to students with hygienic food, purified drinking water and convenient transport facilities. Therefore, they love to come to school every day.

We have limited our classes from play-group to Class 5 to ensure proper monitoring and care of students. Four batches from class 5 have passed out of our school. They are showing their academic excellence in the schools they have joined.

I assure you that your choice of sending your children at Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School (B.K.G.M.) is a right decision. I wish you an enlightening academic journey with us.          


 Smriti Sapkota Bhattarai


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